Mint Springs Farm Wedding, Part One | Matt + Caitlin

Sometimes you get swept away in the story as its unfolding in front of you, almost as if you know it to be true because you are watching it with your own eyes but it seems too perfect to fully let yourself believe it.

This day was one of those days.

There is something deeply moving when you watch two best friends make a lifelong commitment. When we’re telling the story of one of these moments we’re always watching to see how these beloved give and receive love. Caitlin is a sweet, soulful, free spirit. She’s always smiling and making others feel welcomed, but no one can make her feel at rest like Matt can. She reaches for him, whether it’s to grab his whole arm or just to wrap their pinky fingers together, and when she does you can visible watch her ease into herself, her true self, completed only when she’s with him.

Matt is a rugged outdoorsman with an emotional soul. When he’s near Caitlin’s tender touch he is free with his laughs and content with her love. The two of them “fall together”, not the clumsy sort of falling but the this-is-how-this-is-supposed-to-come-together kind of falling. They settle in and become who they were meant to be, and that’s how they’ll face the world together from now on: Matt and Caitlin, Husband and Wife.

These two picked the beautiful Mint Springs Farm for their wedding day. Nestled in the rolling hills of beautiful Williamson County, Mint Springs Farm was the perfect venue for this outdoors-loving couple. Guided by the very talented Kesha Gooding, the team at MSF did a rockstar job at bringing Matt and Caitlin’s dreams to life. The girls at One10 Beauty made sure Caitlin and bridesmaids stayed looking their beautiful best even through all the happy tears, and the dinner provided by G Catering was ON POINT. But that’s during the reception, which we’ll be revealing in Part Two, tomorrow. Today, get out your tissues as we relive the story up through the ceremony.